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Get to RELAX much?

Many a folk out there think going to bed and/or watching TV til' sleep is relaxing, yet not feel totally relaxed, save for a few scant moments on vacation every twenty years or so.

The hustle and bustle of even having time off of your usual hectic schedule leaves very few seconds of truly having EVERYTHING just kind of slip away.....and still be awake, truly relaxed of mind.

With the wide array of approaches we utilize, you are guided through a deepening recollect of the visit that your body's memory recall into a Fully Relaxed Mode.

Got 15 Minutes?

Getting into a Relaxation that is clear of thinking is NOT HARD! In the space of a few minutes, you can get a quick, effective and truly beneficial 'minutes peace'. This can be any place, any time...be creative!

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Take Heart, Healers!!!!

August 26, 2013 by Mike Cherney, RH, INHA

"Inasmuch there are those who simply disbelieve, therein lies the opportunity for seed!" -Me, here, now.

Many of you may specialize, yet there is always a time and place where brunt Skepticism greets your Gifts. Whether or not THEY are a Believer in any matter of Spirit, YOU can connect, always, as one who knows the common bonds of 'Real' life: PAIN, Hunger, Happiness, Need for Kinship, Sadness, Joy, Pride, Self-Aware, Self-Blinded.....And MUCH more, but the idea is there. We ALL Share Common BONDS. We All HAVE to learn, and sometimes relearn; we critique ourselves. And NOT by the same slackly measure we give others....

Love yourself as You would another. Take time with yourself, alone. Discipline and Chastise Interiorly just as freely, then. View YOURSELF Just as You would others... Reward Yourself with the same Adoration/Adulation.


Give YOURSELF some "Peace of mind."

You'll find, as You really see as it is, rather than as You see it, you'll find You needn't React in ANY Negative Way. Give YOURSELF some "Peace of mind." You can think, and interact on a level anew, more Aware...Give YOURSELF some "Peace of mind."

Your Healing Potential escalates and we, with the mountain we climb, bound breathlessly with our selfless stride!

In this day and age, You are the ONLY expression of You, EVER. While we easily dismiss this as trivia, it shakes us to the Core. Shut off the thinking, and Live with the Life You, alone, have. here, Now.

Give YOURSELF some "Peace of mind."

When it rains, IT HAILS!!!

August 8, 2013 by Mike Cherney, RH, INHA

A week After the storm.

When the skies opened up and Voluminously poured ice, hail and rain on us, the garden seemed a total loss! The watermelon took the greatest hit. It was entirely destroyed. Likewise, the corn, potato, tomato, chilli peppers, green beans, limes, Lettuce, carrots and what else lay in evident ruin. My Wife was somewhat beside herself, but soon regaled it as part of Gardening, and quickly went to work on the weeding. I was resigned to cull the lot of them, but hesitated a bit. I got a little ornery and went and therapeutically touched the Pumpkins, who where laying there withered, dry feeling and had little show of sustainability. ARRGH! As I was interconnecting with them, I felt a little bit of Living Energy flowing therein, and spent about 20 minutes caressing, feeling and sending a little Love to the three of them. Then Very Next day, they were full, thriving and new leaves had already appeared. They would Survive!!

Every Season has it's RUSH!!!!

July 14, 2013 by Mike Cherney, RH, INHA

With the Superabundance of Sun (AND HEAT!!), Life's Blessings have continually lit the way with Springs Freshness! Diverting way too much time to the garden, the digital world has faded temporarily away! We have already harvested radishes, and a few baby chives (yum). The incredible wonderment, once again, was eating the freshly plucked radish, then I hosed it off and ate (them) still alive, root, leaves and all.

It was a truly palpable lift, Spirit and Body!

Chile Peppers, Tomato, Potato, Corn, Squash, Basil, Sage, Radish, Cabbage, Chive, Watermelon, Pumpkin and Peas, to name a few!!

After several visits from people we have served, the table room has worked very well, despite my longings for something a little more dedicated. The appeal seems implicit, as evidenced by the relaxed, comfortable client response!

The fires here and to the north and east have caused quite a stir, but now after the danger passed, the roads and SKY have cleared nicely.

The client information sheet has been updated and will be kept in confidence.

This has made us see this work is an Honor, and Joyfully so.

Welcome, and Peace and Love to You!

May 24, 2013 by Mike Cherney, RH, INHA

Our new website is faster and more information packed than ever!! I worked on it for quite a while, well actually a day, since I am a 25 year veteran of web page building!!, Click here for more information about me!! We're happy to have you stop by our website, and make no false claims or representations whatsoever!.

Our totally effective technique has been used on Hundreds of people, with results that have astounded even us!

Too many people we have visited with have been told that there wasn't much that could be done for their pain, save medication. Living in misery and drugged, it seems that life loses some of it's lustre, and also some of their favourite pastimes, caring for others and seeing their activity decrease to almost nil.

There is a path of Hope that is easy and accomplished with a soft touch. We have a unique, new way that has shown through many years that all of our clients we visited with benefit exactly in line with their pain management goals! Seeking an end to lifelong or years long silent suffering needlessly, according to past their statements. And finding an answer with us

This has made us see this work is an Honor, and Joyfully so.

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